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Superga Supercar - 10 years on the track - Cartoon - ENG
Menestrello 20/11/2014 
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Superga Supercar - 10 years on the track - Cartoon


And so welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the 10th running of the legendary Superga Supercar!
Mr Boglione is the one to give the go signal:
“Start your engines....ready, set , go!”

OH great camera position there - you really get the entire circuit! As you can see, the racetrack is packed with cars already - some of the biggest names in shoemaking are already on the lead!

..while Basic Net just enters their very first Pilot from the Superga Team! Oh boy, she is having some rocky start there...a bit of a nasty one if you ask me!  But there she is, the first Superga just hits the road with Elisabetta Rolando at the wheel!

...You can’t deny that the Superga pilot is being very brave here at the moment, she is all alone and is being flanked by some very smart flashy cheeky stuck-up powerful Shoenames but yes, she stays focused on the race!

aaand ...she does well, she’s done her first lap, and it’s pit stop time for tanking at the first Superga Shop - filling up fresh new energy there...

It is definitely a touching moment here folks, the Italian pilot is a symbol for her country! ...and the Italian Post can’t help making a memorable stamp out of this moment!

And we go right back on the speedway again, Superga overcomes superbly the first challenge, the ambitious Fendi parabolic! beeeaaaautiful!

And there’s no rest for the competitors:
Basic Net Team leader Mr SPALLA doubles the Superga team signing a new champion up straight from South Africa, Michael Joseph!

And he’s off to the race in no time!
The two Superga pilots salute each other: a high five with a blinky eye!
tremendous energy there...

In the meantime we’ve just received word that Superga is running a simultaneous Promotional Tour to present the trademark in Florence, Paris and Barcelona! who would have said??

Aaaand Superga has already set foot in the cinema industry as well -
what a great way to enjoy a break for the team, don’t you think?

Special edition! Superga is definitely picking up speed: the media just announced that Basic Net is now the sole owner of the Superga Team!

Let’s hear the statement just released by President Boglione to the press:
Boglione VO: “hehehehehehe......”

Ha ha ha very concise indeed!
Oh but look what IS happening back on the track?!
A masterful move of Superga Team leader Mr Spalla again: a new Pilot straight from Japan has just landed on the speedway! Great strategy there if you ask me, they shall conquer the land of the rising sun!

Brilliant Superga trio there, three continents are now racing together and gaining on the pack!

...aaaand thanks to the official Brand Acquisition, and the fame just gained, the entire team confidently hits another pitstop for a brilliant refresh of the Team car bodies!

...what better way for a rising star than to pimp-up its look and conquer the world??

This race is unique floks, Pilots from all over the globe are now joining the Superga Team, look at them  - fantastic, what a sight!

Oh, hold on, breaking news?! yes indeed we have some celebrities right at the Basic Net V.I.P.-stand, Disney Ambassadors are meeting in a very friendly manner with the Superga Patron!

And it’s definitely rendezvous time back on the track as well! Whilst everyone else is running by, someone from the Superga Team is obviously admiring a brand new pair of high heeled 2050 and their pretty Owner... ;)

Whilst very supportive Superga fans celebrate the Team’s latest African success! I wish I could dance that well folks, can you?

uh oh careful there, it’s just started to rain!! but the Superga Team seems to know very well what they are doing, and make a perfectly dry debut in wet weather in co-branding with K-Way!

...and we just learn that Superga is the longest living Brand on the run! It’s party time!! What a parade!!!

Did I just say parade?
What on earth is happening HERE?
Folks this is UN-REAL.. The Unitesd States have just landed on the Superga Supercar circuit! a huge mean roaring American truck is descending the hot tarmac in all its blazing glory..It must be fabulous Steve Madden.. yes it is, Steve is making a glorious entrèe in a classic stars and stripes style! Boombastic!!

...wooohahahaaa! Guys this was too much! pheew! let’s enjoy some chilling out on the beach together for a little while, okay??

La frase successiva va usata per riprendere la radiocronaca:
And yes, I feel refreshed, so-o-o-o welcome back to Superga Supercar - the most thrilling competition of the last 10 years!

Superga - which - u can’t deny it - started definitely behind compared to the other teams - is now running an immaculate race and opens its way straight into the heart of the United Kingdom! look at that!

The race is definitely on, shops are popping up like fire-works all over Europe, and Italy has just reached a smashing jackpot of a 100 stations of Superga throughout the land!
that is succesful payback time don’t you think??

Now straight under the gowns of the Statue of Liberty in New York City!! Let me take the liberty to say that...
we can’t be too sure she is wearing underwear, but no doubt she is wearing the People’s Shoes of Italy!

...meanwhile, back on the circuit, the race has taken a VERY unusual turn! the Chinese pilot at the pitstop is inflating his tire but he doesn’t get tired: his Superga owns now the “world’s biggest shoe” Guiness - with an impressive 18 meters of length! This brand is CRA-ZY!!

..well this is no longer just a race, this is beautiful show-business folks! or should I say shoe business?? hahahah!

... talk about show-business - look at that!?
Superga makes a martial move and flies to China to land a new base in Hong Kong! This is sports at its best!

..Straight after China, not a moment to lose, the team reaches sunny Brazil, a great nation to tank energy and gain speed at the peak of this incredible race!

And we’ll be right back after a short break offered by the British and South African Superga Ambassadors! ....

La frase successiva va usata per riprendere la radiocronaca:
Gorgeous women indeed, but let’s go right back to the curves of the race!

..we are entering the final laps and Superga makes a classy exit from under the Versace Tunnel!

gaining ground, gaining ground, but still able to enjoy the journey - the Superga team finds the time to make a stop-over under the spotlight in Los Angeles!

Now down the homestretch, the team is hot on the tail of the competitors - the three teams are really battling for the lead here!

...and the competitors don’t look too confident anymore do they?

...hahaha the Superga Team is surely vindicating their pride here, ladies and gentlemen!!

...Who would have said, who would have said indeed! look at this speed, we are talking 300 shops and 5.000.000 shoes for a total of 98 countries in 10 years - Superga has never gone this fast!
History is being made here at the Superga Supercar!

Uh! - aaand - guys?
an impressive fact before I leave you!
... perhaps not everyone knows that -
lining up the stitchings employed for all
Superga shoes in the last 10 years,
you can already circle the world 18.75 times!!

mh-mh, indeed: ( apprezzante)
Superga: a little one goes a long way.



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