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PRESS RELEASE - Makia meets Superga – Spring 2019 Edition (Superga Sweden)
Superga 15/03/2019 

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We are proud to announce our second collaboration with the Italian footwear company Superga. The well over 100 year old brand was founded by Walter Martiny in 1911, when the Superga factory began to produce vulcanised rubber soles in Turin, Italy. It is then when the classic Superga 2750 heritage style was also born, later establishing itself an iconic status as the people’s shoe of Italy.

Makia x Superga – Spring 2019 Edition
For this spring, our collaboration with Superga features an urban take on the classic 2750 and 2790 shoes in three new colour ways of the Island Camo pattern. The custom Island Camo pattern used in the shoes, was created from nautical charts of the island archipelago surrounding Helsinki’s coastal area. These islands are a rocky legacy from the post-glacial rebound of the last ice age.

The collection will be available as of today, 14th of March from the Makia webstore, Helsinki flagship store and selected retailers.

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