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Press Release / #KEEPperforming Winning Starts Within (Kappa Spain)
Kappa 29/06/2022 

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Kappa® launches the new Authentic SS22 collection with singer Pol Granch as the protagonist of the campaign Winning Starts Within. With this new campaign, the brand is deepening the winning mentality in all areas of life. Each story of achievement is an inspiration to victory, whether it’s reaching a podium or achieving something as seemingly simple as being able to smile. Winning is what you get when there is effort, passion and commitment. The road will not always be easy, but when you reach the finish line, pride, personal satisfaction and the ability to inspire others will be the great reward.


Winning Starts Within is the new Kappa® campaign for Spain, part of the KEEP Perfoming universe. With Pol Granch, the brand’s new ambassador, the new Kappa® campaign reminds us that success and victory are concepts that only we can define, and the stories behind them will inspire others forever. Like the story of Pol Granch. This young singer, songwriter and author stood his ground when things got tough during his early days in the music world. His daily success was to keep going and chasing his dreams, until he managed to make them come true. Today his triumph is, in his own words: “To see that there are people who listen to the things I write and who can apply them to their daily lives ”.


The new season’s offering for Kappa®’s Authentic collection is comfortable, eclectic and versatile. Authentic SS22 offers five sets of combinable garments designed to suit a dynamic and stylish lifestyle. A tracksuit jacket, hoodies, joggers, sports shorts, T-shirts, bucket hats, caps, socks, trainers and flip-flops, in different shades of sand, in black and white, and others with bold prints of yellow, pink, green and blue on white. Kappa® Authentic SS22 is functional, adaptable and different. A collection ready to accompany us in any challenge we set ourselves.

Kappa® Authentic SS22 is available at kappa.es and selected shops

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