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PRESS RELEASE / LOVESHACKFANCY and SUPERGA launch fourth collaboration
Superga 22/09/2022 

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LoveShackFancy is delighted to announce their latest offering with longtime partner, Superga. The fourth collection will launch this September as an addition to LoveShackFancy and Superga’s Fall 2022 Collections. After three flourishing collaboration installments, LoveShackFancy x Superga continues to create new designs for the romantic and relaxed, featuring floral printed sneakers for women and children, as well as brand new mule style. LoveShackFancy’s Fall Collection titled “Fall Rising,” inspired by the Garden of Versailles, celebrates traditional silhouettes redefined with a French sensibility through a princess-like essence.

This assortment pays homage to the playful elegance and spirit of the fall. Simultaneously fusing blossoming, whimsical prints with leisure and wearability, this fourth capsule generates an ideal shoe for this fall. This sneaker collection embodies new beginnings and an energetic sophistication featuring the women’s 2750 Classics, 2795 Hi Tops, 2341 Alpinas, and an irresistible new 2402 Mule style. Each style comes in several new dreamy, floral prints – heirloom flowers and blush-colored bouquets, with ditsy, vintage-inspired stripes. Each shoe comes laced with a variety of velvet and tulle ribbon. The kids’ kicks share the same pastel floral patterns as the women’s, this time on playful styles – 2750 Jvel (a velcro sneaker) and 2795 Hi Tops. LoveShackFancy x Superga’s fourth capsule collection will be available September 22nd including four styles for women and two styles for children. Pricing ranges from $65.00 to $169.00. The assortment will be available to shop on and

Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Creative Director and Founder of LoveShackFancy “We could not be more excited for our fourth collaboration with Superga! They’re such a dream partner and t his capsule is the perfect addition to our fall collection. The comfiest, coolest sneaker with all of our new, f avorite florals – vintage-inspired heirlooms and blossoming bouquets on the prettiest pastel canvas.”

LoveShackFancy is inspired by vintage finds; the collection is rich in detail, flattering s ilhouettes, soft hues, and intricate lace, wi th an emphasis on whimsical hand-dyed fabrics and enchanting vi ntage-inspired romantic floral prints. The brand originated from Rebecca Hes sel Cohen’s desire to design the perfect bridesmaid dress for her own et hereal summer wedding at her family home in Bridgehampton. From an initial collectio n of hand-dyed s ilk dresses, LoveShackFancy quickly gained a dedicated following for its romantic pieces that whisper of dream es capes and special moments. LoveShackFancy has existing boutiques in Manhattan’s West Village and Upper East Side NY, Sag Harbor, NY, Sout hampton, NY, Palm Be ach, FL, Miami, FL, Gre enwich, CT, Charleston, SC, West Hollywood, CA and Newport Be ach, CA, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, Houston TX and Nas hville, TN.


Superga® is a brand of BasicNet SpA, t he Company also owner of Kappa®, Robe d i Kappa®, Jesus® Jeans, K-Way®, Sabelt®, Briko® and Sebago®. Bas icNet’s leader brands are present in t he sports and leisure apparel, footwear and accessories market. It operates worldwide t hrough an international network of e ntrepreneurs, licensees of t he brands, which produce or d istribuite the products. BasicNet offers to its network services of research, development, industrialization of the products and global marketi ng. All t he company processes occur only through the Web, making BasicNet a “fully web integrated company”. BasicNet, with headquarters in Turin, Italy, is listed at t he Italian Stock Exchange s ince 1999.

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