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Technical Details / 4CENTO 400 Kombat™ FISI PyeongChang 2018
Kappa 30/01/2018 

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Technical details of the new FISI race suits designed by Kappa® for the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 


The new 4CENTO 400 KOMBAT FISI 2018 race suit is the result of a collaboration between Kappa®’s Research and Development center and FISI (Italian Winter Sports Federation), established to take aerodynamic standards to new levels of excellence: the suit has been designed to be the fastest ever. Previously unattainable levels of performance have been achieved by engineering the manufacturing process and developing new technical materials to be combined in innovative ways. Wind gallery tests have allowed further performance improvements. Thanks to our innovative Vacuum System technology, air travels through the suit and exits from its air-permeable back inserts. The resulting aerodynamic effect is quite powerful. 4CENTO 400 KOMBAT will be starring at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games held in PyeongChang, Korea. Presented here in its Olympic version it will be worn by Italian athletes competing in Alpine Ski, Bobsleigh, Luge, Skeleton and Nordic Combined. Italian Snowboard athletes will compete during the Olympics wearing a Kappa® 6CENTO SKI outfit custom designed for the occasion.

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