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PRESS RELEASE / The Kombat 2000 celebrates its first 20 years
Kappa 13/02/2020 

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The anniversary of the invention that revolutionized soccerwear will be celebrated with a cultural study held at Torino’s BasicVillage. For the occasion Kappa® has created three special jerseys for AS Monaco, Betis Siviglia and Aston Villa

Torino, 13 February 2020.  The Kappa® Kombat is 20 years old and will be celebrating its anniversary with a cultural study dedicated to the jersey that revolutionized the very concept of clothing for professional soccer.

The Kombat was created in 2000 by Kappa®‘s R&D Centre and worn by the Italian national team at the European Cup: its creation marked a glamorous return for Kappa® to the world of technical sports apparel. Created to enhance a player’s performance the Kombat was the first soccer jersey in the world with the “stop stopping” grab-proof system that can highlight fouls for the referee and at the same time provide athletes with more freedom of movement, thanks to the fabric’s stretch technology, which makes it completely nonreactive for the first 30 centimetres of stretch.

Twenty years later at Torino’s BasicVillage in the BasicNet Group’s headquarters, a cultural study will be opening on 13 February illustrating the creation and evolution of the Kappa® Kombatwith original jerseys, photographs and videos.

For this historical occasion Kappa®‘s R&D Centre has produced a special jersey drawing inspiration from the famous design of the first Kombat2000 for three important European FCs sponsored by the Omini brand: AS Monaco (France), Betis Siviglia (Spain) and Aston Villa (UK).

Two of these three special jerseys have been directly presented on the pitch, AS Monaco’s on February 4th during the its home match against Angers, and Betis Siviglia’s on February 9th during a home match against FC Barcelona.



Kappa® is one of the brands property of BasicNet SpA, owner of Robe di Kappa®, Jesus® Jeans, K-Way®, Superga®, Sabelt®, Sebago® and Briko®, leading brands in apparel, footwear and accessories for sports and leisure. BasicNet operates worldwide through a network of licensed entrepreneurs producing or distributing the Group’s branded products. BasicNet provides licensees with R&D, product industrialization and global marketing services. All company procedures take place exclusively online which makes BasicNet a “fully web integrated company”. BasicNet, based in Torino, has been listed on the Italian stock exchange since 1999.

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