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Press Release / BasicVillage Milan 21/09/2022 

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From Turin to Milan, BasicNet doubles its presence, expanding into the Italian fashion capital

Milan, Italy - 21st September 2022 – BasicNet S.p.A. parent-holding company responsible for the revival of design and performance heritage brands including Kappa®, Robe di Kappa®, K-Way®, Superga®, Briko® and Sebago® and more, prepares to unveil a new stateof-the-art 4,500 sq. meter village in the Farini area of the heart of the Italian fashion capital, Milan.

The new BasicVillage Milano replicates the overall build and concept of the original head offices in Turin, constructed in an industrial complex dating back to the early 1900s and is located at via dell’Aprica, 12, in the Scalo Farini area – an ever-evolving strategic hub in the North of the city which has undergone significant urban regeneration with a focus on turning the once semi-abandoned former train station into the new beating heart of Milan.

Born as a rubber manufacturing facility turned architectural firm and event venue, the 4,500 squaremeter space has been fully renovated through a conservative restoration, giving nod to the storied past of the building’s original architecture. The overall space is composed of two buildings overlooking via dell’Aprica 12 and via Bernina with a private inner courtyard that is characterized by a smokestack like it’s sister space in Turin; characteristic of the industrial complexes of the period. The full renovation will be completed by the end of 2022 and will reproduce the same successful formula of the BasicVillage in Turin which boasts a 22,000 square-meter post-industrial village where BasicNet employees and guests can live, work, and spend time at their own leisure across fine Italian dining, shopping, a fully equipped gym, and more.

The ground floor of the complex which was completed in March 2022 is a red building with an entrance on via Bernina, leading to EDIT, a 400 square-meter Italian pub. Following the success of the restaurant with the same name in Turin, the venue opens doors to its first business in Milan, offering an Italian gastronomic experience beginning with breakfast to the last nightcap. Past the pub, one can find the Culti Milano SpA offices and showroom, whilst the second floor offers a 450 square-meter terrace offering a breathtaking view overlooking the former Farini train station and Milanese skyline. The inner courtyard of the ground floor also hosts the offices of start-up Pica Group and VerySimpleKitchen, as well as two fully-equiped event spaces, covering an area of 170 square-meters and 450 square-meters respectively.

The second building tinted in vibrant yellow offers an entrance through via dell’Aprica and houses the showrooms dedicated to BasicNet Group’s core brands - Kappa®, Robe di Kappa®, K-Way®, Superga®, Briko® and Sebago® - which have long since earned a strategic place in Italy’s fashion capital. Just above the immersive showroom environments dedicated to the storytelling of each respective brand, are nine loft apartments on the second floor of the building – ranging from 45 square-meters to 170 square-meters, and will be completed by the end of 2022, to devote to shortterm rentals. Like the event spaces and terrace, the loft apartments will also be used by both third parties and by companies operating within the new Basic Village.

The official unveiling of the new BasicVillage will take place on Wednesday 21st September during Milan Fashion Week with a special event dedicated to K-Way, featuring an immersive installation by an internationally renowned artist and exhibition dedicated to the heritage of the brand.



BasicNet SpA is the owner of Kappa®, Robe di Kappa®, Jesus® Jeans, Superga®, K-Way®, Sabelt®, Briko® and Sebago®, all leading brands in the apparel, footwear and accessories industry. BasicNet operates worldwide through its network of licensee who manufacture and distribute the Group’s products and brands. BasicNet provides them with research and development, product industrialisation and global marketing services. All the business processes are exclusively carried out online, which makes BasicNet a “fully web integrated company”. BasicNet, headquartered in Turin, has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 1999.

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